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Can You Really Buy Ambien Online - Buying Zolpidem Mexico

Akios prides itself on quality, precision and durability and with this in mind had no hesitation to appoint one of the most skilled and qualified reel technician’s and engineer’s in the UK as the contact and service centre for the AKIOS reel collection.

Peter Coogan has had over 25 years experience in servicing and consulting on new ideas for fishing reels to major brand names and with this has built a reputation of being the “REEL DOCTOR” of the UK. This should give you the angler, dealer the peace of mind when not only selecting your reel for use or sale but also to know that if spares are required they can be acquired and replaced by our engineer in the quickest time possible to get you back out fishing and enjoying what you love best.

For servicing quotations and spare parts please call Peter on: 0044(0)151-677-3609.


Any products that have been found to be faulty should be returned using the following procedure. Please contact AKIOS Fishing Tackle on 0044(0)161-477-2580, to discuss the issue, method and return address, i.e. for credit or repair. Once the goods have been received there will be a credit raised, a replacement arranged or a repair undertaken and returned.

These terms are subject to change and we reserve the right to do so without notice.

Zolpidem Mastercard