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  • AKIOS Iron Spin 50 Reel

    Akios Iron Spin 50 is designed to be fished from the shore or the boat with extreme power from such a small compact reel, the body and balanced rotor are metal construction giving extra strength.

    The carbon drag system has a 25kg/55lb drag force making it a very powerful small reel ideal for big fish whether boat fishing or lure fishing for hard fighting predators.


    AKIOS SPYRO GT Series of Reels are a new range of quality fixed spool reels manufactured with Graphite body and rotor with RBS (Rotor Balance System) and top-quality internal steel main shaft and brass pinion gears as well as CNC folding handle with Ergonomic EVA soft-grip handle. All the GT series have a very powerful 12kg micrometric drag system depending on size allowing a controlled smooth pressure on running and surging fish.


    AKIOS SPYRO RS Series of Reels is a new range of high quality fixed spool reels constructing the main body of the reel from aluminium using CNC technology giving a very strong and powerful frame that remains ultra-rigid, in addition to a balanced RBS (Rotor Balance System) powered by a steel main shaft and brass pinion giving a powerful retrieve and fighting ability. The Spyro RS series has upgraded Waterproof sealed bearings for extra protection internally. The reel has been tested in saltwater situations in the U.K. and overseas for the last 12 months, which has thrown back exceptional Lure and bait fishing results. Two aluminium spools with precision power micrometric carbon 16kg/36lb on 3000 sizes and a 20kg/44lb drag system on 4000/5000. The handle is CNC construction and is a quick screw and fold mechanism.