Akios Nanotech Sport Boat rod – 6-10lb


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The Akios Nanotech Sport Boat rod is a slim and lightweight rod which allows you to get maximum fun from your fishing. The basis of the rod is the super slim Nanocarbon blank which features PBS Power Band reinforcement in the lower tip to give a sensitive tip action which blends into an increasingly powerful mid and lower sections to help you apply the pressure on large fish.

The classic ‘long tip short butt’ design ensures a smooth power flow throughout the rod and helps to add to the feel whilst playing your catch.

the rod is nicely finished with lined three-leg Sea-Guide guides which can be used with both braid and nylon lines. The black whippings are attractively tipped and the glazed finish between the top two guides helps with bite detection. The handle has a DPS style screw winch fitting and the contoured EVA handle gives a good grip and has a nice feel in the hand. The shaped EVA button is also comfortable when playing a fish.

the 6-10lb model is perfect for bass and pollack on lures as well as general inshore bottom fishing.

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  • Length 7’ (2.15m)
  • Class 6 – 10lb
  • Slim and light boat rod
  • 2 Sections
  • Long tip – short butt design
  • Sensitive tip action
  • NanoTech carbon blank
  • PBS Power Band System reinforcement
  • 3 Legged Sea-Guide lined guides
  • Black whippings with metallic tipping
  • Suitable for braid or nylon lines
  • Glazed tip for improved bite detection
  • DPS style screw winch reel seat
  • Full EVA Handle
  • Shaped foregrip
  • EVA Button
  • Supplied in a cloth bag

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