Akios Shuttle 555 STR KURO


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The Akios Shuttle 555 STR KURO

This narrow spooled version of the Akios 656 STR KURO is ideal when fishing with lighter lines or when paired with lighter rods. Featuring extra-tough 5.3:1 stainless steel gears, the Akios Shuttle STR KURO packs a punch!

Also setting it apart from the standard Shuttle are lightweight aluminium side plates which reduce overall weight by almost 100g allowing for a faster casting action and potentially greater distance. As per the standard Shuttle, the STR KURO features a free-floating spool system with two integrated ABEC 5 stainless steel bearings, as well as both magnetic and centrifugal braking systems that provide exceptional spool control during the cast.

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Not only is the Akios Shuttle 555 STR KURO tougher, with its stealth black finish offset with gold components, but it also looks the part too!

  • One-Piece Low Profile Solid Aluminium Cage
  • Extra Tough 5.3:1 Stainless Steel Gears
  • Long Knobby for In-Cast Mag Control
  • Lightweight Anodised Aluminium Side Plates
  • Larger Spindle to Prevent Spool Distortion
  • Balanced Anodised Aluminium Power Handle
  • Anodised ​Aluminium Star Drag Wheel
  • Larger Body Screws for Easier Access
  • Corrosion Resistant Instant Anti Reverse Bearing
  • 2 x ABEC 5 Stainless Steel Bearings
  • Free Floating Spool for Increased Casting Distances
  • Carbon Multi Disc Drag for Optimal Drag Performance
  • High Torque Winding Power
  • Line Out Alarm (Ratchet)
  • Centrifugal and Magnetic Brake System for Ultimate Casting Control

​Supplied with the following FREE accessories

  • FREE Neoprene Reel Case


  • Capacity: 240yds/15lb
  • Gear Ratio: 5.3:1
  • Bearings: 2+1
  • Line Recovery: 23”
  • Maximum Drag: 17.5lb
  • Weight: 330g

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