Selecting the Ideal Combo

Selecting the Ideal Combo:
Akios Airlyte Rod & Spyro RS6000 Reel vs. Akios Airtorque Rod & Utopia SX8 Reel for Short to Medium Range Bass Fishing

Introduction: Bass fishing requires a well-matched combination of rod and reel that can provide accuracy, control, and power in close-quarters situations. In this blog post, we’ll compare two popular combos from Akios: the Airlyte rod with the Spyro RS6000 reel and the Airtorque rod with the Utopia SX8 reel. We’ll explore their features and performance to help you decide which setup is best suited for your short to medium range bass fishing needs


Akios Airlyte Rod and Spyro RS6000 Reel: The Akios Airlyte rod paired with the Spyro RS6000 reel offers a lightweight and agile combination that excels in targeting bass at short to medium range. The 11ft 6in Airlyte rod features a stunning lightweight construction, making it effortless to handle and manoeuvre for extended fishing sessions. Its low diameter, high modulus blank provides superb sensitivity and crisp responsiveness, resulting in greater feel and feedback through the blank for a sportier action.

The Spyro RS6000 reel complements the Airlyte rod with its compact size, robust build quality and smooth performance. Constructed around a tough yet lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium frame, it maintains durability even in demanding fishing conditions. The reel’s smooth 36lb micrometric carbon drag system and 8+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings ensure silky smooth performance at all times. Supplied with both a shallow spool for light mono and braid lines, and also a deep spool for fishing mono mainline at distance


Akios Airtorque Rod and Utopia SX8 Reel: The Akios Airtorque rod combined with the Utopia SX8 reel is a powerful duo designed for longer range fishing where distance plays a crucial role. The Airtorque rod features a robust construction, leveraging its strong backbone to handle bigger bass and overcome obstacles such as weeds and snags. Its high modulus carbon blank offers a balance of sensitivity and power, allowing for accurate casts even at greater distances.


The Utopia SX8 reel, paired with the Airtorque rod, boasts an ultra-lightweight carbon build that ensures durability and reliability. Equipped with a powerful 39lb carbon drag system, it can handle the strength of larger fish and provide the necessary pulling power when fighting fish in challenging conditions. With its 8+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a fast 4.6:1 gear ratio, the reel enables fast line retrieval, essential for lifting terminal tackle up off the sea bed quickly to avoid snags on the retrieve.



Performance Comparison: While both combinations offer their own advantages, the longer and more powerful Airtorque paired with the larger SX8 reel are perhaps more suited to longer range fishing. The Airlyte rod and Spyro RS6000 reel prove to be the best pairing for short to medium range bass fishing offering greater feel and finesse. The lightweight design of the Airlyte rod, combined with the nimbleness provided by its shorter length, ensures a far sportier feel. The Spyro RS6000 is the perfect pairing for the Airlyte and with its robust build quality and smooth performance it’s a formidable bass reel. 



Conclusion: When it comes to short range bass fishing, the Akios Airlyte rod and Spyro RS6000 reel combo emerges as the superior choice. Its lightweight construction, accuracy, and smooth performance make it an excellent combination for targeting bass in close quarters. While the Airtorque rod and Utopia SX8 reel excel in longer range fishing and stronger tidal flows. If you’re looking for a new short to medium range bass set up, choose the Airlyte and Spyro RS6000 combo to maximize your success in short range bass fishing adventures.

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