I’ve been using my Akios FireLoop for around two months now at a variety of venues throughout Scotland, and can honestly say that it will stand up to almost any type of fishing you could put it through!

My shallow spool is loaded with 0.17mm braid – 300m fits on with a bit of backing – and I love this along with a tapered leader for my clean beach fishing for Flounders, Dabs, Plaice, etc. The vented lightweight spool is great with this set up, and with the overall weight of the reel kept to a minimum, you can really feel a connection when a fish is hooked.

The graphite spool has nylon – 0.30mm 12lb again with a tapered leader – to give me the option of changing line type depending on the conditions, and swapping spools takes no time at all on the beach with a large, easy to grip drag cap.

This brings me neatly to the quick drag – an excellent idea which can save a match angler many minutes when conditions are bad and you are constantly getting weed trapped in your tip eye, or to quickly give line to stop that specimen fish get away as it lunges for the depths just when you think its beaten.

Line lay is excellent – I filled both spools straight from the box with no adjustment and it was almost perfect on each one, then bedded both in with a few casts on the beach.

For a reels of its size and solidity, the Akios Fireloop must be one of the lightest in its class. It’s lack of weight belies its strength, and even when winding under extreme pressure and it’s seven ball bearings ensure it stays smooth, with little or no spool movement from the sturdy spindle.

Ultimately what I really love about this reel is its no nonsense simplicity. Its a work horse that has some excellent design elements which have been incorporated to help you catch fish, not just catch the eye. Although it is a little stunner to look at as well!

All the best with your fishing,